List of Volunteers involved in Battle of Ashbourne

The following is a list of Volunteers who were involved in the fighting at Ashbourne County Meath.

Commandant Thomas Ashe
Richard Aungier
Peadar Blanchfield
Thomas Blanchfield
Paddy Brogan
James Connor
John Crenigan, known as Jack, aged 21. Killed in Action. Was employed by the Dublin Tram Company.
John Devine
Francis Daly
Paddy Doyle
Richard Duke
Thomas Duke
Walter Farrelly
Michael Fleming
Jerry Golden
Jack Gowan
Paddy Grant
Dr Richard Hayes medical officer. He had been the Officer Commanding resigned in favour of Ashe. Became a TD (Teachta Dála Member of the Irish Parliament).
Paddy Houlihan or Holohan
James Kelly
Matthew Kelly
Edmund Kent
Colm Lawless
Frank Lawless, Quarter-Master later became a TD.
Jim Lawless Captain.
Joseph Lawless
Bennie McAllister
John McAllister
Michael McAllister
John McCann
James McArdle
Patrick McArdle
Tom Maxwell
Richard Mulcahy, Vice-Commandant. Initially posted at the G.P.O. Connolly sent him to Howth to cut the undersea telephone wires between Dublin and London, unable to return to Dublin he went to Ashbourne where Ashe appointed him Vice-Commandant. He succeeded Michael Collins as Commander in Chief of the Free State Army.
Éamonn Murphy
William Norton
Christy Nugent
James O’Connor
Arthur O’Reilly
Jack Rafferty
Thomas Reilly
Edward Rooney Captain
James Rooney
Paddy Sheehan
Ned Stafford
Joe Taylor
Nicholas Teeling
Joe Thornton
William Walsh
Bartle Weston
Charles Weston

Three women also took part in the battle acting as messengers and attending the wounded.

Molly Adrian, messenger.
Monica Fleming
Eileen Lawless